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1 bottle = RM99.00
4 bottles = RM290.00  (SAVE RM106.00)

The packaging is beautiful, the design is super advanced, and it can easily remove the light makeup.

✅ Very suitable for easier makeup removal 
✅ Sensitive and acne-prone skin can be used with confidence 👍🏻 💥 

Key points of cleanser mousse:
When squeezed out, it is a dense bubble No need to spend time to make foam Comes with brush head, silicone material Packing atmosphere! Excellent texture. All natural ingredients.
❤️ A 100ML can be used for about 2-3 months 🎈

Sensitive Muscle Acne Skin Oily Skin Can be used by men, women and children
✅No heavy metals
✅No fluorescent agent
✅No preservatives
✅No pigment
✅No hormones 

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