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Fragrance detergent


1 bottle = RM29.00
3 bottles = RM69.00  (SAVE RM18)

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Sunzyme Aiyobaby Laundry Detergent
Sterilization + antibacterial + mite removal + cleansing + suppleness + fragrance retention all in one ☝️ 

Key points of laundry detergent:
✅Sterilization, antibacterial, sterilization, effective removal of mites, easy stain removal
✅High-efficiency antibacterial rate is as good as 99.9%
✅Concentrated, soft, and long-lasting fragrance
✅The fragrance is Chanel coco fragrance
✅Fast foaming and easy cleaning
✅Natural coconut oil ingredients brighten clothes and protect colors
✅Rich in silver ions, no hormones, no pigments
✅No phosphorous and non-luminous fluorescent agent has no chemical composition
✅The bottle mouth uses environmentally friendly Korean high-tech tongue caps
✅Special selection for mothers and babies Clean with peace of mind
✅Clothes, sheets, pillows, and duvet covers are excellent for removing mites
✅Does not hurt your hands or clothes, machine wash, fast and clear deep stains


✅Silver ion✅Coconut oil✅Active protease

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