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  • Our mild and non-irritating laundry detergent may be used to wash the clothes of babies and pregnant women.



  • It has a beneficial bacterial impact.

  • It has a high permeability.

  • Pathogenic microorganisms can be killed immediately.

  • There are no negative effects or pharmacological characteristics.

  • Cocci are inhibited by this substance.


  • The extraction of coconut oil has a positive effect on the removal of stains on clothing.

  • Color protection, brilliant clothing, and natural coconut oil components

  • Soft laundry on the cloth will make the skin softer, safer, non-irritating, and more

  • caring, allowing the laundry detergent to be cleaned by hand without concern.


  • The stain removal performance is excellent. Protease is capable of removing any substance.

  • It is more effective than regular laundry detergent at removing stains.

  • It is also safe to touch a sensitive hand directly; no unpleasant chemicals are included.

What kind of scent is it and does the scent last long?

-Our Aiyobaby washing detergent has a ChannelCoco fragrance.
-Yes, the smell lasts a long time.
What are the benefits of Aiyobaby laundry detergent?
- Our laundry detergent contains eight functions in one, including sterilisation, antibacterial, mite elimination, long-lasting fragrance, clean, and soft.
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